The Judges

Judging Process

All written entries received will be judged against the set criteria as outlined in the entry form. Our exclusive panel of expert judges will find three finalists in each category from these written entries.

Finalists will be invited to take part in a telephone call with one of our judges to discuss their entry further

Finalists may also be visited on-site by our judges to determine the winner

Meet the Decision Makers

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis

Simon is the Publisher of Poultry Business Magazine and Group Managing Director of its parent company, Lewis Business Media. Simon has been a judge of several award schemes in many different industries in the past including those in the farming, SQP and retail sectors. Simon will defer to the other judges knowledge and experience on matters relating to the technicalities of Poultry production control however Simon brings a wealth of business management experience to the panel.

Mark Williams 

Mark Williams is a poultry farmer’s son. After studying at Harper Adams Agricultural College in Shropshire, he managed a large pullet rearing / egg production unit. Following gaining valuable experience, he returned home to expand the business. In 1991, he joined the National Farmers’ Union as a Regional Poultry Adviser in the north of England. In 1995, he was appointed National Egg Specialist. He joined the British Egg Industry Council in 1999 and became Chief Executive in 2000.

He was Secretary-General of EUWEP (the EU trade association for egg packers, egg traders and egg processors) from 1999-2018. He was President of the EU Civil Dialogue Group on Poultry and Eggs on two occasions (2010-12 and 2016-18). He was a Board member of CELCAA (the EU liaison committee for the food trade) from 1999-2018.

He is also a Nuffield Scholar, and was Chairman of the Nuffield Poultry Study Group from May 2012 – May 2015. He is currently Chairman of the UK Poultry Health and Welfare Group. He was Statistical Adviser to the International Egg Commission from 1996 – 2006.


Richard Griffiths 

Richard is Chief Executive at the British Poultry Council and has been in the poultry meat sector for fifteen years. Prior to that his background was in quarrying and underground mining. Responsible for the building the reputation of the poultry industry, Richard has been extensively involved in food security issues and in dealing with the effects of Brexit on food supply and production. His focus for the coming years will be on helping the poultry meat sector to be a vital and leading part of a sustainable food strategy for the UK.  

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is a second generation turkey farmer from Essex and his business, Kelly Turkeys is reponsible for resurrecting the traditional Bronze Turkey breed. His business also encompasses Farm Gate Hatcheries, which supplies turkey poults to hundreds of farmers around the country. Paul is a great advocate for th turkey sector, and dry-plucked premium birds in particular.

Charles Bourns

Charles Bourns is a first generation broiler farmer from Gloucestershire growing 480,000 chickens per year for Hook 2 Sisters. He has been involved with the NFU for 36 years and was chairman of its National Poultry Board for 12 years. In addition, he is on the NFU’s South West Regional Poultry Board representing poultry farmers and he represents the NFU at meetings of Red Tractor. Charles is also Company Secretary of Nfsco the National Fallen Stock Company. Charles has been involved in consultation work on all aspects of environmental, zoonotic and other aspects of poultry production both in the UK and in Europe, and is passionate about the industry and its future.


Kannan Ganapathy 

Dr Ganapathy graduated with DVM from the University of Agriculture Malaysia in 1991 and completed his PhD (respiratory mixed infection in poultry) in the University of Liverpool in 1997.  In 2004, he became a MRCVS after passing the statutory examination, and became a RCVS and European specialist in 2007 and 2011 respectively.

 Dr.Ganapathy is engaged with research, teaching, consultations and CPDs, mostly on molecular immunopathogenesis, diagnosis, control and prevention of respiratory poultry diseases. His research focuses on avian respiratory pathogens and vaccines, especially on infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) and avian metapneumovirus (aMPV). He has studied the interactions between live viral vaccines of IBV, aMPV and Newcastle disease virus (NDV), and the influence of live infectious bursa disease virus vaccines on the bursa of Fabricius and its impact on live IBV vaccine-take.  He also has years of experience in research, diagnosis, control and prevention of Mycoplasma gallisepticum (Mg) and Mycoplasma synoviae (Ms).

 Dr Ganapathy has been consulted on various issues related to diagnosis, control and prevention of infectious diseases in broiler, layer and breeder farms in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Often, he has been asked to conduct auditing on vaccine and vaccination protocols, on farm biosecurity measures, and overall health and production improvement plans.

Aimee Mahony

Aimee Mahony joined the NFU as Poultry Adviser in 2016 following four years in the egg sector, gaining practical poultry experience in her role as Regional Manager in East Anglia for Noble Foods.

In 2019 Aimee was named the EPIC Young Poultry Person of the Year and eight months later was appointed NFU Chief Poultry Adviser. Aimee completed her MSc in Intensive Livestock Health and Production in 2020, focusing her final research on UK poultry keepers’ perceptions of avian influenza biosecurity and risk.

As Chief Poultry Adviser Aimee leads on a number of policy issues covering both the poultry meat and egg sectors and manages the national poultry board. She has also been instrumental in the success of the Poultry Industry Programme which is an opportunity for young people to learn more about the poultry sector and encourages them to become future ambassadors for the industry.

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